Totem Pole

by P6

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released September 21, 1995

(c) 1995 Philip L. Thompson


all rights reserved



Phil Thompson Florida

99-year-old white male. Six foot two, three. No pants, unkempt... portly.

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Track Name: Cochran's Zoo
Drove out to the zoo today
To watch them funky monkeys play
The fat one was a Jew named Ruben
We watched him laugh and puff a Cuban

Welcome to the Cochran Zoo
Come one, Come all
Red White and Blue

But bring a mop
We're slinging slop
Just think of all the fat we'll chew

After lunch, our main desire
Was mocking swine in their own mire
The thin one leaned against a rail
And marveled at my curly tail

That is quite enough from you
It's clear to us
Your funds are through

Please do unbend
The silly grin
You're now a part of Cochran's Zoo
Track Name: The Blue Kentucky Moon
Thomas Thayer done growed up quick
Been leadin' the adult life
Got a steady job layin' common brick
Done lassoed hisself a wife

All the folks in town did look and frown
with dubiosity
That inbred fuck with a pickup truck
done got a family

And boy, did Tom and his shoeless wife
and Mother Nature yield:
Tammy, T.C. and Donna Bell,
and a couple of cows in the field

But all was not a Rockwell scene
on Thayer's plot of land
When Thomas T. stepped through that door,
the air was thick as sand

Now, Tommy worked most all the day,
and drunk most all the night
And now and then he'd slap his kids,
and kick his shoeless wife

Tom Thayer bricked up everything;
Steel curtains was his draw
And 'round his family and his life
He'd forged hisself a wall

When mealtime came, the family sat
Kid dared not say a word
And Tommy's wife--pots, pans and all--
be eatin' like a bird

The kids sprung up in just a flash
T.C. growed like his weed
And though Tammy tramped the street for cash
Donna brought home the H.I.V.

From truth, my friends, these words do flow
For I am not alone
(You know how out-of-hand, to get,
these things are mighty prone)

Yes sir, it's true
I seen it all that muggy eve of gloom
Amidst the fierce and grainy glow
of the Blue Kentucky Moon

Tommy'd try from time to time
to visualize amends
But terry-cloth do hardly much
to win a crack'd lens

But Friday night, Tom skipped the bar,
skipped all the way to home
To find his wife's bare feet a-wrapped
'round Mr. Foreman's bone

Stood out a certain certainty
Tom, firm in his resolve
Determined it was time to lay
his greatest wall of all

Ran past the gun and grabbed a glazed
(the workman's favored lot)
Before the sun, the bond did take
a stretch of hill to seal the rot

From truth, my friends, these words do flow
For I am not a loon
A bleak reality pervades
these rancid docks of boon

You bet it's true. I done it all
that sultry night in June
Awash in mesmerizing flow
of the Blue Kentucky Moon
Track Name: Real
Another morning at the grind
Chopping, slopping
My throbbing mind
When did I get this fuckin' job?
Hey! It's closin' time!

ahh yes there we go and now at last i finally know all the reasons why i labor so

Holy shit, do I feel bad
I swear tonight by ten I'm asleep
No beer
No tokes
No Late Night TV with David Letterman

you know i'll just take one toke maybe two but tomorrow night i'm serious tomorrow i get real

Get serious
Get real
No one can know just how empty I feel
No one can know just hard it is
for me to get real
Track Name: Pulse
A struggle to stare with glassy eyes
my mind is numb from pain
The rain pounds fiercely upon my glass
A smile I try to feign

Deep down inside it starts again
That feeling so new, yet trite
The pit of my stomach is tied in knots
The tears to blue my sight

A wave of shock, a realization
of what has happened to me
My aching heart, though torn apart
is the only thing that sees

Memories surface of better days,
yet, only of those with her
Yes, once again the pain is back
and I wonder just what we were
Track Name: Eighteen

Familiar quiet plops itself
upon our civic afternoon
Reach down to fetch a lemonade
from the porch's knotty, cork-filled grin

Kitty darts across my lawn
in plain pursuit of nothing
A gleam from the Edsel slips right by
As an acorn dives into the freshly paved parkway


Johnny sits upon a curb
watching leaf canoes drift by
And off, somewhere, a mockingbird
celebrates the clearing sky

School bus pulls up and sighs relief
Another demon gone
And Johnny's day is a little brighter
Skip on home with the big kids, John!


Wake up to screams of neighbors' kids
and mouth is mighty dry
A fresh new patch of piercing green
brings landlord into mind

Add a hole to this old house
The flies have got to go
Across the way a mother cries
Around her men in black take notes
Track Name: Rubbers & Cream
Jack and Jill
Went up the hill
to consummate their marriage

Jack fooled around
and lost his crown
Now pays for golden carriage

But Jack don't care
"What's fair is fair"
His partners say he's batty

Jill cruises town
drinking Royal Crown
provided by Big Daddy

I got the rubbers
And I got the cream

Now years have passed
It's clear at last
to Jack he's lost his Jill

And, void of hope,
with a big, fat rope
Jack climbs again the hill

Once at the tree,
Old Jackson, he
ties on his new neckband

But 'cross the hill
sits drunken Jill
At the wheel of her sedan

I got the rubbers
and I got the cream

With quite a start
and thumping heart
Jack runs to see his Jill

And, although blitzed
Jill too admits
she too does miss this hill

Now Jack is stanced
to take a chance
and blows a kiss her way

And Jill don't mind
familiar grind
and beckons Jack to stay

A moment's heat
A sticky seat
Jack knocks it into Drive

Without a clue
head-first into
Eternal Bliss they dive

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